June 5

End of the Year Reflection

Now that the school year is ending, how are you feeling?


What suggestions do you have for me to make Communications a better class?


We did not get to do so many things I wanted to do with you, but what did you enjoy?


Do you think the class was too easy, too hard, or just right?

May 20

Jump! Week of May 27

Try to get a picture of someone jumping. It could be a person, animal or a self-portrait, but their feet should be off the
ground. This may not be quite as easy as it sounds. In order to avoid blurry shots, make sure you have enough light and your shutter speed is is fast enough. Try using a continuous mode to capture several shots in quick succession or use a flash to freeze your subject.

May 17

Week of May 18. Part 2. #thisis(whatever age you are)


So here is the deal, you looked at a photostory  about what it looks like to be an 18 year old female all over the world.

What does it look like to be you?

Who are you?  How old are you?  Create a photo essay titled #thisis(insertyouragehere)

Create a photo collage of you and people your age.  What represents someone at your age?

Use about 5 pics 🙂

Here is mine

May 16

Week of 5/18. Part 1 #thisis18


When Malala Yousafzai turned 18, she opened a school for Syrian refugee girls, calling on leaders from around the world to provide “books not bullets.”

It was at 18 that Cleopatra became ruler of Egypt, in 51 B.C.E., and Victoria the queen of Great Britain, in 1837.

By the time she was 18, Britney Spears had had two No. 1 albums on the Billboard chart, and Serena Williams had won the U.S. Open.

Emma Gonzalez, 18 now, has become a global leader in the movement to end gun violence.

No pressure, right?

Eighteen is an age. But it’s also something more. It’s a moment, a rite of passage, a gateway to adulthood.

In the United States, 18 means you can finally vote, sign a lease on an apartment, obtain a credit card and buy a Juul.

In China and parts of Canada, 18 grants you entrance to a pub, while for most Israelis, it means a mandatory draft into the military.

By 18, one in five women across the globe will be married. Millions will enter college or university.

“This is 18” aims to capture what life is like for girls turning 18 in 2018 across oceans and cultures — in Mexico and Mississippi, Ramallah and Russia, Bangladesh and the Bronx.

But while girls have long been the subject of the photographer’s lens, they have far less often been behind it. So we asked young women photographers to document girls in their communities — taking the photos and conducting the interviews themselves. Each photographer was paired with a professional mentor to guide them through the process.

The result is a celebration of girlhood around the world — across 12 time zones and 15 languages, featuring 21 subjects and 22 photographers. (Yeah, it was a lot.)

We’re thrilled to present #ThisIs18 — a look at girls’ lives, through girls’ eyes.​​

Your Assignment is to look through the photo story and think about

  • What does 18 look like for each of these girls?
  • What is their name
  • Where do they live
  • Interesting facts?
May 9

For the week of May 12: Gratitude Photo Story with Captions

I am grateful to be the mom of these 2 goofballs.


  1. What are You Grateful For in Your Life?  (5 photos)

Upload at least 5 images to represent what these things are.  It’s not too much to ask you to come up with 5 things you are grateful for. (If you can’t, then it’s really time to cultivate the habit of gratitude!) If you can come up with more than 5, by all means, do so!! The more we celebrate for in our life, the better.

In captions, tell me why you included each photo.

2.  Give a gratitude shout out (1 photo)

Include 1 photo of a person or group of people

In the caption, tell  someone how much he/she means to you, your recognition of what he/she has done for you, and how appreciative you are of his/her existence and actions.

3.  Give Thanks to Yourself (1 photo)

Include of YOU

In the caption, answer what you are grateful for about yourself

  1. Why you are grateful for you
  2. Why you wouldn’t want to be anyone else but you in this lifetime

4.    3 Things You Tend to Take For Granted (3 photos)

  1. Identify (at least) 3 things you tend to take for granted. These 3 things can be objects, people, events, animals, or anything, really.
  2. In the captions, identify what you plan to do about these 3 things to stop taking them for granted. For example, if you tend to take your pet Fluffy for granted, perhaps you can be more attentive to him. Perhaps you can spend more time in the week with him and be mindful of times you neglect him. If you tend to take your mom for granted, perhaps you can do some kind acts for her. Cook for her. Take her out for dinner. Talk to her more. The possibilities are endless
May 5

5/7 Framing

Framing your subject is a really powerful way to bring your viewers attention to what’s important in your image, while also bringing an extra little element of interest, so it’s a great composition tool to be able to pull out of your back pocket!

The even better news is it’s really not hard to do, it’s only a question of being able to see the possibilities around you when shooting – and that’s exactly what this creative exercise will help you do!

I want you to take at least THREE different images that include framing. (Did you think I was going to say one? Not a chance!)

Although you could “manufacture” the frame if you wish, try to find natural instances of framing, in other words, by using something that was there at the time and you didn’t have to move into position!