May 22

Non Seniors peeps: Hero’s Journey Project!!

There are 12 stages of the Heroes Journey.  Guess What?  You are going to create your own story.  Each day you will focus on at least 2 of the stages.  Go ahead and just put the story as one big post.  You do not need a number for the post.  Of course, this is an English class so make sure you check spelling and grammar.

    1. The ordinary world…hero is where they normally live.  Introduce your hero.  Who are they? Describe them.  What is life like for them?  Where do they live?
    2. The Call to Adventure…The hero must face a challenge or problem. What happens to the hero that forces them to face some challenge?  Maybe think of a villain here.
    3. Refusal of the Call…hero is too afraid to take the challenge. At first, your hero is afraid.  Talk about what makes them nervous.  Why do they have doubts?
    4. Meeting with the mentor..the person who helps him or her accept the call to adventure. Introduce the mentor.  Who is going to help out your hero?  Describe the mentor.  What will they say to convince your hero to accept the adventure?
    5. Crossing the Threshold….Hero accepts the call and leaves the ordinary world. Describe how the Hero knows they have to do what they have to do.  What are they going to have to do?
    6. Tests, Allies, Enemies So go ahead and create another test for the hero.  What do they face?  Who are the enemies they must conquer?  Who are their allies?  Give lots of details here.  Be creative!!
    7. Approach to the inmost cave The Hero has adjusted to the special world and goes to seek its heart, the inmost cave. Describe a place where your hero must enter.
    8. The ordeal Critical moment in the story.  Describe a major ordeal the hero had to face.
    9. Reward Create a Reward that your hero earns.  The Reward may come in many forms: an object of great importance or power, a secret, greater knowledge or insight, or even reconciliation with a loved one or ally. Whatever the treasure, which may well facilitate his return to the Ordinary World, the Hero must quickly put celebrations aside and prepare for the last leg of his journey.
    10. The Road Back Now the hero must return home with his/her reward.  Talk about their thoughts of going home and how they look forward to it.
    11. Resurrection This is the climax in which the Hero must have his/her final and most dangerous encounter with death.Ultimately the Hero will succeed, destroy his enemy.
    12. Return With The Elixir This is the final stage of the Hero’s journey in which he returns home to his Ordinary World a changed man or woman. They will have grown as a person, learned many things, faced many terrible dangers and even death but now looks forward to the start of a new life. Ultimately the Hero will return to where he/she started but things will clearly never be the same again.

May 21

Not for seniors/ Post 39: What is a hero?

What is a hero? What characteristics define a hero? Is there a universal definition or are heroes defined by the situation or context that made them a hero?  



My hero is my mom.  She battled breast cancer for six years before she earned her wings.  She lived life to her fullest and did everything in her power to help others and give of herself.  She did not ask to fight cancer, but when she had no other choice, she proved how extraordinary she was.


Assignment: Watch this

First:  Explain what all ten people did that makes them a hero.

Then:  Are these men heroes?  Explain in a paragraph.






May 20

Not for seniors, Post 38: The Hero’s Journey

Assignment:  Watch this video:  List the steps of the hero’s journey.

Step One

Think of it as a clock.

One O’clock=Call to Adventure

Two O’clock=

Continue listing them until Twelve O’clock

Step Two:  See if you can decide what each part would be for Star Wars, Harry Potter, or a movie of your own.  List the 12 parts.


May 19

Non Seniors Only! Post 37: What is a superhero?

There are some superheroes we all know.

What are some you do not know about?  Check out this site

What are some that are not as popular?

Can you answer these questions for well known heroes?

  • Special powers—such as superhuman abilities, mutations, or scientific knowledge.
  • Appearance—are they colorful, funny, serious, drab, dark, or menacing?
  • Background—where did they come from, and did they go through a shocking experience that made them who they are?
  • Public or “secret” identity—what is their social life like, do they have regular jobs, family, friends?
  • Special equipment—such as tools, weapons, or vehicles.
  • Place of residence—rural or urban, apartment or house, secret lair or in plain sight.

Step One: You are going to create your own superhero

Answer each of these questions

  • Describe your character’s superpower(s), special knowledge, or special ability:
  • What is your character’s goal or purpose? Be creative and specific:
  • What does your character look like? Include as many details as you can think of:
  • What helpful gadget(s) does your character use? Does he or she drive a special vehicle? Describe it:
  • What kind of home or hideout does he or she live in?
  • Does your character have any weaknesses
  • Other important things to know about him/her:

Step Two:  Create an illustration of your hero.  It can be hand drawn, done on illustrator, etc.

Post answers and illustration as your post 37


May 19

Seniors Only! Final Exam: Your Journey

In Google Slides or Adobe Spark, you are going to create a presentation of Your Journey of School.  When you are ready to turn this in, email it to me at  If I do not respond with “got it,” come see me.

  • COVER—Your cover is the illustrated introduction of you!
    Your cover should be colorful and clever. Your title should say “The Senior Memory Book of _____________________.”
    DEDICATION—Put it in the MIDDLE OF THE PAGE. Dedicate all your work, effort, time, and love to someone special in your life and explain why you are doing so. “I dedicate my senior memory book to….because…”
  • Page 1 “IS THIS REALLY ME????”
    Research yourself and your family. Write at least two stories of your younger days.  Here are some ideas:   It is
    doubtful that you will remember those embarrassing, cute, or serious events from your life. Obtain the information from your parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, etc. If you can, use pictures! My best childhood friend? Recall who you would consider to be your best
    friend from your childhood. Who was this person? Describe him/her. What were some of the things you did together? Recall your funniest, craziest, and/or scariest times together.
  • Page 2 “School Bells” Kindergarten through fifth grade. Do you remember your first day of school? If not, your parents will. How did you feel? Recall and write about your positive impressions, special events, your special achievements, humorous incidents,
    awards, successes, and teachers. Use pictures if you can.
  • Page 3 “I grew up Here” Describe your town, neighborhood, and community. SHOW the reader where you are from. Move beyond the obvious and go deeper. What about your surroundings made you, you? If you have moved, describe the places
    you have lived.
  • Page 4 “More School Bells” Middle school. Remember what a change these years were? Include your opinions, impressions, accomplishments, awards, funny stories, field trips, school events, etc. . .Photos of course.
  • Page 5 “High School the Early Years.” Write about your freshmen, sophomore, and junior years in high school: highlights, troubles, successes, heartbreaks, friends, teachers, coaches, etc
  • Page 6 “At last I am a Senior” Write about your senior year, highlighting your most memorable moments. Pictures!!!
  • Page 7 2019! How much was a gallon of gas? What were the popular tv shows? Movies? Singers? Current Events? Come up with at least twenty items to include on this page.  What is popular?
  • Page 8-10  Thank you’s….Choose Three people in your life to write a thank you letter to. Thank them for whatever they did that led to you being where you are today.
May 15

Post 36 Gratitude Photo Story with Captions (last blog post for seniors)


  1. What are You Grateful For in Your Life?  (5 photos)

Upload at least 5 images to represent what these things are.  It’s not too much to ask you to come up with 5 things you are grateful for. (If you can’t, then it’s really time to cultivate the habit of gratitude!) If you can come up with more than 5, by all means, do so!! The more we celebrate for in our life, the better.

In captions, tell me why you included each photo.

2.  Give a gratitude shout out (1 photo)

Include 1 photo of a person or group of people

In the caption, tell  someone how much he/she means to you, your recognition of what he/she has done for you, and how appreciative you are of his/her existence and actions.

3.  Give Thanks to Yourself (1 photo)

Include of YOU

In the caption, answer what you are grateful for about yourself

  1. Why you are grateful for you
  2. Why you wouldn’t want to be anyone else but you in this lifetime

4.    3 Things You Tend to Take For Granted (3 photos)

  1. Identify (at least) 3 things you tend to take for granted. These 3 things can be objects, people, events, animals, or anything, really.
  2. In the captions, identify what you plan to do about these 3 things to stop taking them for granted. For example, if you tend to take your pet Fluffy for granted, perhaps you can be more attentive to him. Perhaps you can spend more time in the week with him and be mindful of times you neglect him. If you tend to take your mom for granted, perhaps you can do some kind acts for her. Cook for her. Take her out for dinner. Talk to her more. The possibilities are endless
May 13

Just for fun (optional)…Memes

Yesterday you practiced capturing emotion with some selfies.  You should be able to look at the posts of your classmates.  Simply click on names to the right and look at their post 35.  Today you are going to create two memes using photos from yesterday.  Either yours or a classmates.

What is a meme?  A humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Here is a meme creator site  or


May 13

Post 35: Capturing Emotion through photography!

Either in Selfie Mode or with the help of a classmate Capture these emotions.  You guys can work with partners.

  1. Silly  2. Sad  3.  Afraid  4.  Sick  5.  Happy  6.  Cute  7.  Angry  8.  Sleepy  9.  Flirty  10.  Accusatory  11.  Scary  12.  Confused  13.  Cold  14.  Surprised  15.  Shy  16.  Laughing

ADD ALL Photos as a Gallery to this post.  If you can upload them yourself from phone, great.  If not, 

Email your pics to me (  and I will add them to the R drive where you can access them.