April 22

Itinerary: A weekend in Detroit

Finally you are going to create an itinerary for a weekend in Detroit.

On your Adobe Spark, title it A weekend in Detroit Itinerary

Please make sure you have all of these components:

Make sure you are creating your own and not “lifting” one from the internet.  This is where I want to see YOUR words.

Friday Night  

5:00 p.m.  Check in to where you will stay:  Begin with a description of where you are staying.  Make sure you include some of the Amenities.  Also, include at least 3 images.  These could be of your possible room and other areas of your hotel/Bed and Breakfast.

6:00 p.m. Dinner  Where are you going to eat your first night?  Give an example of what you plan to order off the menu.  Don’t make this up.  Look at your restaurant’s online menu.  Include a few images of your food.

8:00 p.m.  Nightlife.  Where will you go your first night?  Explain in detail and give some photos.

Saturday (always include photos with each activity)

 8:15 A.M.  What’s for breakfast?  Explain where you will eat and what you might order.  Again, look at the menu.

9:30 A.M.  Morning Activity  Where ya’all going?  Describe what you there is to do at your venue.

Noon  Lunch  Now where are you going to eat?  Remember that thankfully money is no problem.  What are you ordering?

1:00 p.m.  Afternoon Activity  Now where can you go? Explain what there is to do.

6:00 p.m.  Dinner  Give an example of what you plan to order off the menu.  Don’t make this up.  Look at your restaurant’s online menu.  Include a few images of your food.

8:00 p.m.  Nightlife  Now where?

Sunday Morning

 8:15 A.M.   What’s for breakfast?

10:00 A.M.  Check out of Hotel


10:30 A.M.  One last activity in the “D.”

12:30 p.m.  Lunch then head home


Here is an example

Here is another


April 16

Adobe Spark: Top 8 Sights

On our Detroit Guidebook, we are going to give the top 8 sights in Detroit.

For example, you could include:

Eastern Market, Motown Historical Museum, DIA, Packard Plant, Belle Isle Park, Campus Martius Park, Fox Theatre, People Mover, Heidelberg Experience …

Step One:  Find an image to represent each of the 8 sights.

Step Two:  Then, add Photo Grid.  Upload each photo.  Save Photo Grid

Step Three:  Add text.  For each of your sights, explain why they are a cool visit.

April 14

Adobe Spark Detroit Project: Glideshow with captions


First go here

Create your adobe spark account.

Next, we need a folder in your student account in order to keep all of your resources organized.  Name the folder guidebook resources.

We are then going to begin with an opening image and glideshow.

Add this text:

Welcome to Detroit

  •  While the city does have an abandoned, otherworldly vibe in some areas, it’s these same qualities that fuel a raw urban energy you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Artists, entrepreneurs and young people keep moving in, and a DIY spirit pervades.
  • They’re converting vacant lots into urban farms and abandoned buildings into cafes and museums.  Detroit is a destination you will love!
April 9

Post 27: Prom Boutique Advertisement

This post is going to be counted as an Assessment (weighted 5 times).  Take your time and show off your skills.

You are going to create a magazine ad for a Prom Online Store called either PROM GIRL or PROM BOY in illustrator.

Design a logo with basic shapes in illustrator.  Maybe a person in prom attire?


Use this blurb on your flyer:  PROMGIRL Whether you are looking for a long flowing classic prom dress for senior prom or a short sassy semi-formal dress for homecoming, here at PromGirl you will find hundreds of styles of prom dresses, party dresses and cocktail dresses from which you can choose. Even if you are hard to fit, we have so many styles in sizes from petite to plus that you will be able to find your dream prom dress.

For those priceless prom memories, PromGirl has dresses priced to match every budget. On a budget and looking for an inexpensive prom dress? Then shop our large selection of dresses under $100. There are also many moderate and luxurious prom dresses for every budget. Choose a dress you like, not just one that fits your budget.


Whether you rent online, call or visit one of our 700+ stores, our experienced Expert Stylists will be there with seriously great advice.You’ll look and feel your best knowing your tux or suit has been expertly crafted—and that our Fit Experts are checking every detail.We’re the men’s style authority, with top designer looks and tons of options for mixing and matching colors and accessories.